Founded by Jamie Migdal, a nationally recognized industry expert with more than 20 years of experience, FetchFind is the world’s only career and education site dedicated exclusively to the pet industry. We assist businesses of all sizes with hiring and training employees and access to business solutions, as well as providing e-learning and content to individuals interested in becoming a part of the $62 billion pet industry. FetchFind content focuses on topics and tools relating to pet behavior, pet health, customer service, general business and other professional skills needed for working with animals.

With three successful pet businesses to her name (FetchFind is her fourth company), Jamie has long been aware of the fragmented nature of the rapidly-growing pet industry and the difficulties faced by both sides of the equation when finding and filling jobs. Business owners have trouble sourcing, training, and retaining quality employees, which costs both time and potential revenue; pet professionals struggle to achieve recognition for existing skills and experience, as well as continue their education and professional development, which makes career advancement harder.

FetchFind is the simple solution to all of these problems. For business owners, we offer access to a niche employee talent pool and an online staff training system. For pet professionals, we offer industry-specific career opportunities and an easy way to acquire the knowledge and training necessary to advance their careers.

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