The newest FetchFind courses will teach you the basics of canine communication, how to quickly assess a dog's temperament and physical condition, how to greet strange dogs safely, and how to recognize the signs of canine aggression. These courses are fundamental skills and must-haves for both new employees or aspiring pet professionals.


Canine communication is the most important thing that any dog owner or pet professional can learn. Through careful observation of body posture and other subtle signals, you can effectively determine what your dog is trying to tell you. Fluency in the language of dogs can promote greater safety, more effective handling, and deeper, more satisfying relationships. This lesson will cover such topics as body posture, tail position, and facial expressions. Duration: 16:06 Presenter: Lynda Lobo


A nose to tail check is a quick and effective way of assessing the overall health and temperament of any dog. Being able to recognize the signs of stress or illness at a glance can help you to stay safe, especially when dealing with unfamiliar dogs. This lesson includes topics such as age and breed considerations, genetics and health implications, behavior and affect, and external indicators of illness. Duration: 15:40 Presenter: Lynda Lobo


Loving dogs means being aware of their needs and creating an environment of trust and a culture of safety around our interactions with them. Determining approachability by observing body language and paying attention to stress signals before greeting any dog will help keep everyone safe. This lesson includes topics such as basic canine communication (with an emphasis on stress and warning signals) and multiple examples of body language in a variety of situations. Duration: 06:37 Presenter: Lynda Lobo


This lesson will give you a basic understanding of canine aggression - what it is, what it looks like, and what to do about it. This lesson is essential to staying safe around dogs in any setting. Duration: 08:12 Presenter: Jamie Migdal